Romantic Ideas & Gifts
Here are some romantic ideas and gifts:
1. Gold Roses
Real roses preserved in 24kt gold:
2. Personalized LoveBook
The gift that says exactly why you love them:
LoveBook Online
3. Perso





nalized Character Gifts
Create your characters, then put them on coupon
books, mugs, notepads, and more:
4. Personalized M&M’s Candies
With your own words and photos
(Save 10% on all orders – use code OFFERS10):
Romantic M&M’s Candy
5. Flowers
Over 1000 flower arrangements online:
6. More flowers
Extensive love and romance section
Flora 2000
7. Gourmet French Chocolates
Hand-crafted by world-champion, French artisans
(They claim to make the world’s best chocolates):
8. Gift Baskets
A tower of sweets for your sweetheart
Harry & David
9. Personalized Gifts
Gifts that say I love you
A Gift Personalized
10. Ten Secrets About Men
The inside scoop on what he’s really thinking
Catch Him & Keep Him



You worked your art
You spun a web
Around my heart
How beautifully
Your deeds have spread
Each intricately
Woven thread
With strands of care
You dried my tears
Your gentleness
Dispelled my fears
Your wisdom
Helped me understand
And patiently
You held my hand
To give me courage
To brave the storm
With kindness
You have kept me warm
Your passion
Lit a glowing fire
That filled my soul
With sweet desire
You’re all
That I was dreaming of
For the web you spun
Was made of love

The Winter You Were Seven, II

a white dog

The winter you were seven

I slowly hung pictures

and the dark wrapped us up

safely in our nest of lamplight

and pop music. I put beach towels

against the bottoms

of the doors in a comfortable habit.

It was cold out, and at night

the baseboard pipes gurgled

with warm water and I slept

next to you, because why not?

And in your febrile hallucinations

you sat up and criedI don’t want to

and I laid you back down

here, on the pillow, and said

you don’t have to

and meant it as much as I could.

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Use MACE to Work with “Difficult” Parents



I haven’t done it, but my best guess would be that if I surveyed gym club owner and coaches and asked them why they got into coaching not a single one would say “because I love to deal with difficult parents.”  And yet, if in my theoretical survey I asked how many have to deal with difficult parents on a consistent basis, I suspect every single one would have plenty of stories! 

At times difficult parents make our jobs not only harder but can turn us into the cynical coaches we swore we would never be.  Unpaid bills, gym hopping, entitlement and just plain bad parenting are an on-going part of the job with which we must contend.  While gratefully the percentage of difficult parents is usually quite small, the effect that they can have on our business and our personal life can be huge.

So what is…

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