Everyone has been waiting a long time for dudes
to finally get more consistent contraceptive
Right now, guys have two reliable methods of
birth control: vasectomies and condoms. (Pulling
out doesn’t work nearly as much as you think).
Condoms work very well, if they are stored
properly and are worn correctly. They halt
pregnancies and are good barriers against STIs.
However, a lot of couples eventually decide not to
use them once they enter into a long term
monogamous relationship because they can dull
the sensation.
The advent of effective contraception methods for
ladies was a huge step forward. It helped us to
take control of our lives – to leave home and
pursue interests until families can be planned for.
But on the male side of things, progress was all
but halted. This means that month-by-month,
making sure babies aren’t conceived during the
act is the prime responsibility of women.
Ladies have a few options for having fun without
needing to worry about pregnancy. But many of
these types of birth control, like the pill, nuvaring,
and some IUD’s have a serious impact on
hormonal balances. These methods also placed
the entire financial burden on women as well.
Until Now!
Vasalgel, a semi-permanent male contraceptive, is
in the process of going through FDA testing. A
one-time injection of polymer gel goes into your
vas deferens (the tube your sperm swim through)
and then you’re baby-free for an entire decade!
This type of birth control has been in use in India
for a decade – but Vasalgel is being developed by
US companies with a different formula. The
process is entirely reversible if you find the right
partner. The best part? The company wants to
keep it as low cost as possible, as they are
committed to making it affordable to everyone
that’s interested. A low-cost, low-impact birth
control that lasts for a decade? Sign us up!
This is great news for everyone!
Bringing a beautiful baby into the world is a
wonderful thing. But it’s a decision best made
with preparation and intentionality. Tools like
these help us to plan better, so we can give our
future children the best possible life that we can,
at the time of our choosing.

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