Obamacare looms over Kasich’s
presidential bid
In a field of Republican candidates who detest
Obamacare, the Ohio governor’s embrace of the
law’s Medicaid expansion would stand out.
The Republicans running for president
have practically made careers out of
skewering Obamacare — so when Ohio
Gov. John Kasich makes his expected
entry into the race, he’s likely to have a
giant Obamacare target on his back.
Kasich says he is no fan of the
president’s health care law. But he
fought his own party to implement one
of its core components and is now
gearing up to face GOP primary voters
who want to rip the health law to
shreds. His decision two years ago to
embrace Obamacare’s expansion of
Medicaid to provide health coverage to
low-income adults — a move that
offered bipartisan cover to the White
House during a tumultuous period — is
likely to dog him in Iowa and New
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Kasich made both a moral and economic
case for covering the poor with mostly
federal dollars. Many in his party
“We were deeply disappointed at Gov.
Kasich’s actions on the Medicaid
expansion battle in Ohio,” said Tim
Phillips, president of Americans for
Prosperity, a conservative think tank
supported by the Koch Brothers.
“Obamacare is a core issue at this point
for so many Americans who will most
likely be participating in primaries and
caucuses. The question of expanding
Medicaid is arguably the most
important state-level aspect of
Obamacare that’s in play.”

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